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I ain’t gonna work on Markie’s farm no more

April 21, 2018  |  Editorial, Privacy, Software Architecture  |  No Comments
Zuckerberg as Star Trek Android

Deleting FaceBook
About a week before deleting my FaceBook account, I posted the following on FaceBook. Since that post was deleted as a result, I’m re-posting it here.  The title of this blog is a play on Bob Dylan’s surprisingly apt Maggie’s Farm  Lyrics  Listen

Dear friends
I am deleting my Facebook account sometime tomorrow….

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Can UML Model Quality be Quantified?

A LinkedIn forum question resonated with a question that has long interested me.

“The UML comprises 13 diagram types, the SysML comprises 9 diagram types. Each of these offers a different view of a planned system and helps to create a common understanding. But how many diagrams are necessary, and how many…

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