Robert V. Binder


The relationships I’ve formed are just as important as the bits, bytes, and bottom-line.  That’s why the kind words of colleagues are “results” too.

  • I had the privilege of working with a team led by Bob as part of the protocol testing effort with Microsoft. We faced many challenges to provide timely, accurate feedback and with Bob's leadership, knowledge and guidance we achieved new heights of performance. It goes without saying that Bob is a prominent thought-leader in the areas of software and systems testing. I regard my time in working for Bob as one of the high points in my career.
    Rick Karcich, PE.  Senior Consultant, System Verification Associates
  • Bob is a visionary in his development of mVerify's MTS product for end-to-end mobile application performance testing. Working with Bob as his project manager, I experienced how Bob's vision, leadership, technical expertise, passion, fortitude, and brilliance brought about the successful development of MTS. It was a pleasure working with Bob and his team.
    Nancy Kastl - Management Team, mVerify Corporation.
  • Bob is one of the smartest people I know and, when it comes to software testing, I can't think of many people who are as knowledgeable, capable and passionate as he is. His book on "Testing Object Oriented Systems" is the most complete, thorough, and useful book ever written on the subject. I had the pleasure to work and exchange ideas with Bob for several years and I consider him an extremely valuable resource.
    Alberto Savoia - Founder, CTO, VP of Engineering, Agitar Software Inc.
  • Bob Binder has been one of the brighest minds in software testing over the past 15 years. He is very practical in his consulting approach, an excellent teacher and author, and has been an active volunteer in the professional community.
    Jeffrey Voas, SAIC Senior Scientist
  • Bob isn't just a world class expert on OO testing; Bob is THE world expert on OO testing. While I was at Fannie Mae, Bob did a superb job analyzing the testability of Fannie's in-house OO framework product. Not only did Bob provide solid advice on improving the reliability of our framework, but Bob's insight also provided clear direction on how to best select and refine our product requirements.
    Camille Bell.
  • Binder is savvy, pragmatic, and independent.
    Ed Yourdon
  • Bob's background made him a perfect fit for finding us expert reviewers of our testing efforts, especially model based testing. Bob understood our priorities and was able to scale our testing to our requirements. Bob and his team made frequent suggestions for improvements and provided detailed improvements in several areas that accelerated our progress. Bob and his team were able, in a very personable way, to provide feedback to our testers that they could act on to improve our testing. SVA helped hold our testers to a high standard of excellence while at times educating them based on SVA's deep and detailed knowledge of verification. The accounting provided by Bob was so thorough we used it as a model for our other vendors and our own team. It's been a pleasure to work with Bob and SVA.
    Keith Stobie - Senior Architect, Microsoft.