Robert V. Binder



Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools


Recognized as a definitive reference for software testing, this 1,024 page book has sold over 10,600 copies, been translated to Polish and Chinese, and was recently re-released in paperback. Designed as an authoritative desk reference, it was the first and remains the only book about test design patterns and patterns for test oracles. It provides a practical yet complete explanation of state-based testing. Examples in Java, C++, Ada 95, Objective-C, Eiffel, and Smalltalk. Recommended study reference for the IEEE CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional) exam. Textbook for dozens of university courses. Published by Addison-Wesley, Object Technology Series, 1999.  ISBN 978-0321700674.

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Testing object oriented systems, Polish cover toosmpt-chi signing-toosmpt-2000
Polish Edition Chinese Edition The author signs some books


Application Debugging: an MVS Abend Handbook for Cobol, Assembly, PL/I, and Fortran Programmers.


Recognized as a definitive reference for IBM mainframe programmers. Shows how to analyze run-time errors for programs written in Cobol, Assembly, PL/I, and Fortran. Featured selection of the Library of Computer and Information Sciences Book Club. Published by Prentice-Hall, 1985.  ISBN 978-0130393487.

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