Robert V. Binder

Here’s a complete list of my publications.

Title Publisher Google Scholar ACM Cites
2011 Model-based Testing User Survey System Verification Associates Technical Report    
Microsoft’s Protocol Documentation Program: Interoperability Testing at Scale ACM Queue  2  
Model-based Testing Update IEEE Reliability
Society 2010 Annual Technical Report.
Whats-My-Testing-ROI mVerify White Paper    
The Tester’s Dashboard: Release Decision Support Proceedings, ISSRE 2010 Industry Track    
The Advanced Mobile Application Testing Environment ICSE Proceedings, 1st International Workshop on Model-based Testing (AMOST)    
Welcome from the General Co-Chairs Proceeedings, ISSRE 2004     
Automated Testing with an Operational Profile Software Tech News. December 2004 8(1)    
Achieving High Reliability for Ubiquitous Information Technology Proceedings, TestCom ’02    
Testing Object-Oriented Systems. Patterns, Models and Tools Addison-Wesley 1396 242
Testing Object-Oriented Systems. Patterns, Models and Tools (Chinese Editon):面向对象的软件测试 华庆一,
王斌君… – 北京:
Testing Object-Oriented Systems. Patterns, Models and Tools (Polish Edition):Testowanie systemów obiektowych: modele, wzorce i narzędzia Wydawnictwa Naukowo-Techniczne 2  
Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools (Paperback Edition)  Addison-Wesley Professional     
The Percolation Pattern C++ Report 1  
The FREE flow graph: implementation based testing of objects using state determined flows. Proceedings, 8th annual software quality week. San Francisco: Software Research, Inc. 5  
Automated Java testing Object Magazine.7(5):44-50 2  
Can a manufacturing quality model work for software? IEEE Software 35 4
Class modality and testing. 4  
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Object-oriented testing: what’s new. Object Magazine 7(5):21-23    
TOOTSIE, a high-end OO development environment RBSC Corporation 3  
Verifying class associations. Object Magazine 7(9):18-20    
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BigFoot’s Tootsie Object Magazine 6(4):81-87,June 1996.   1  
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Six Sigma and Software Engineering,  Software Engineering Notes, ACM Press, 21(1) 7  
Summertime, and the testin’ is easy … .  Object Magazine 6(8) 1  
Testing for Reuse: Libraries and Frameworks Object Magazine 6(6) 3  
Testing Object-Oriented Software TOOLS ’97: Proceedings of Tools-23: Technology of Object-Oriented Languages and Systems  6  

Testing object-oriented software: a survey
Software Testing, Verification and Reliability Volume 6, Issue 3-4, pages 125–252, September – December 1996 120  
The FREE approach for system testing: use-cases, threads, and relations Object Magazine 5(9) 8  
The FREE Approach to Object-Oriented Testing: An Overview Object Magazine 3  
Use-cases, Threads, and Relations: The FREE Approach to System Testing Object Magazine 5(9) 4  

Object technology. A virtual roundtable
IEEE Computer 4  

Object-oriented testing: myth and reality
Object Magazine 5(2):73-75 9  
Scenario-based Testing for Client/Server Systems Software Development    
State-based testing Object Magazine 5(4):75-78    
State-based testing: sneak paths and conditional transitions Object Magazine 5(6): 87-89 10  
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Testing object-oriented systems: a status report.  American Programmer 7(4):22-28 45  
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A CASE-based Systems Engineering Approach to Client-Server Development CASE Trends    
KB/RMS: An intelligent assistant for requirement definition International Journal of Artificial Intelligence Tools. 1(4):503-522    
Software Teams: Issues, Analysis and Action American Programmer    
Trends in CASE Users and CASE Usage American Programmer    
A Model of Computer Aided Software Engineering Users CASE Outlook    
Binder Diagrams: Graphic Notation for the Relational Model, part 1 Database Programming and Design 2  
Binder Diagrams: Graphic Notation for the Relational Model, part 2 Database Programming and Design 2  
KB/RMS: An intelligent assistant for requirement definition Tools for Artificial Intelligence 9  
Modeling the Software Development Process CASE Outlook, v 7. n. 1    
What’s all this Noise about AD/Cycle? Computerworld    
The 1989 CASE User Survey Robert Binder Systems Consulting, Inc., Chicago    
Structured Software Engineering: Towards High Leverage Systems Building SMC 12 Conference Proceedings, Structured Techniques Association
Corporate Systems Architecture: Issues and Tasks in Building Information Infrastructure STA 3 Conference Proceedings, Structured Techniques Association    
Application Debugging: An MVS Abend Handbook for COBOL, Assembly, PL/I, and FORTRAN Programmers Prentice-Hall, Inc. 2  
An Automated Data Dictionary for Structured Analysis STA 1 Conference Proceedings, Structured Techniques Association    
A COBOL Random Number Generator ACI Technical Newsletter