Robert V. Binder

What People Say about Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools

“This is one of the few books I would truly rate at 5 stars.” five stars Fatbrain reader review
“A ‘must have’ testing reference.”five stars Amazon reader review
“This book is a must read for every serious object software developer.” Scott Ambler
“This is an in-depth study with solid theory and plenty of examples, including sample code in C++. From cover to cover, this book is filled with well honed techniques and best practices. This book is well worth the time I have invested in it. I return to it often, each time gleaning new understanding.” Canonical Tomes Quality Assurance List
“Well-written prose flows and at no point did I feel the somnambulistic effects of traditional turgid technical text. … This is an excellent testing book, but it is also an excellent object-oriented book and any tester without much OO design/coding/testing experience can learn a lot.” Compendium’s Review (UK)
“The steps needed for building rigorous test patterns for reliable systems are explained clearly. The discussion of the role of decision tables and state machines and their importance for modeling responsibility test cases is interesting and quite useful. … I can only commend the author on an excellent addition to the literature on the applications of testing to object-oriented systems. I can fully recommend this book to professionals, faculty and students in the field, and others who are interested in systems and software engineering.” Coskun Bayrak, ACM
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> I guess what I want is, a testing book similar in flavour to
>Code Complete, The Practice of Programming, and Writing Solid Code to
> development. They offer practical advice on the everyday aspects of
> software development.
> I’d like the Code Complete of testing.
If you are testing object oriented code I don’t think you’ll find a better book than the Binder book already recommended, “Testing Object Oriented Systems”. I know several very experienced OO software developers who have found it to be helpful reference in designing unit tests. He provides practical testing patterns and discusses the strengths and weaknesses of various testing approaches.
“While this book is very broad in scope, it is deep enough to be considered a reference in some respects. Binder is thorough and does not skim lightly over topics. He strives for clarity and true software engineering rigor in his explanations and his practical testing guidelines. But his style is not overly formal, and the book is peppered with diagrams, charts, and small snippets of code (often Java), making it easy to follow.” Pieter Botman, Software
Quality Professional Journal.
“Weighing in at four and one-half pounds, Robert Binder’s 1100 page book Testing Object Oriented Systems is the biggest book ever written on this subject. It is also the best!” Lee Copeland,
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