Robert V. Binder

Selling the Mobile Testing Nightmare

Challenge: How to communicate the value proposition of a highly focused testing product for mobile apps? After two years of NIST-funded R&D, the start-up I founded shifted its focus to commercialization of the resulting technology as MTS (mVerify Testing System). The (then) early stage of mobile app platforms meant that few development organizations would consider even superficial testing. It was clear that our branding and promotion campaign had to reach those early adopters. With a very tight bootstrapping budget, it had to be optimal.

Mobile testing nightmareSolution: Recruited a legend in IT marketing and then collaborated to develop a core message: the Mobile Testing Nightmare. This resulted in a memorable intersection of emotional impact and technical truth. Developed a trade show stage and script to showcase this. Designed high-impact collateral to amplify the message. Conducted high-impact demos at carefully selected trade shows. Deployed to manage the pipeline.

Results: For a total cost of about $40,000, generated a pipeline of 632 qualified opportunities, resulting in 7 closed orders.