Robert V. Binder

Prove it or Else

Challenge: Microsoft must comply with a US Federal Court decree and EU orders to allow effective third party interoperability with its server-side API protocols. Microsoft’s technical leadership responds with an innovative model-based testing approach. However, this has to rapidly scale using hundreds of third-party contractors to meet the Judge’s hard deadlines to publish over 60,000 pages of dense technical documentation. The contractors span the globe. The Court’s technical evaluators are dubious and constantly challenge test results.

Model-driven development workflowSolution: Recruit a team of nationally recognized experts in reliability and model-based testing to scrutinize contractor work products and conduct ongoing, continuous process improvement. Lead and manage process development and improvement, working with dozens of Microsoft product architects and hundreds of testing contractors.

Results: Over three years, reviewed hundreds of API documents and test suites correcting thousands of issues. Identified hundreds of on-the-fly process improvements. Increased effectiveness and efficiency of all stakeholders.

Produced and documented process changes, then trained and supported over 300 process participants in Redmond, Beijing, Hyderabad, South America, and Europe. Developed patterns to routinely produce an optimal blend of model-based and hand-coded test suites. Monitored all ongoing work for compliance and supported corrective actions. Participation as a subject matter expert in the Court’s quarterly technical reviews mitigated concerns about integrity and effectiveness of the process.