Robert V. Binder

Robert V BinderResume of Robert V. Binder

Serial Entrepreneur, High Assurance Thought-leader, System and Process Architect

Rare combination of business and technical skills—promoter, dealmaker, closer, manager, financial analyst;  master innovator and system architect. Widely published, a sought-after speaker, and globally recognized as a software engineering thought leader. Intuitively recognizes disruptive opportunities and big solutions. Broad and deep grasp of value, architecture, and implementation of large, complex systems. Engaging and flexible communicator who sells business plans to investors, shares technical nuances with academics, delivers practical techniques to programmers, and develops strategy and tactics with senior management. Proven effectiveness in many verticals—financial, healthcare, IT, defense, energy, others—and all major IT stacks—mobile, cloud, open, proprietary.

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  • Business Planning, Modeling, Forecasting
  • Multi-dimensional technology marketing
  • Service Project Proposals, Sales, and Delivery
  • Budget Management, Cost Controls
  • $MM Contract Negotiations, Sales
  • Operations Studies, Gap Analysis/Correction
  • Envisioning innovative total solutions
  • Information technology product R & D
  • Cloud/mobile systems architecture
  • Advanced Automated Testing Solutions
  • Performance and Quality Management


MS, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science — University of Illinois at Chicago

MBA, Management Science and Finance — University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

BA, Political Science — University of Chicago, The College


System Verification Associates LLC, Chicago.  2009 to present.

PRESIDENT. Deliver best-of-breed consultation services for mission-critical system assurance. Quickly established wins for marquee clients facing high-stakes regulatory challenges. Multi-national client base spans leading independent software vendors, manufacturers, and government agencies.

Internet Assurance Lab, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2012 to Present.

Co-Director.  Applying protocol verification expertise and coordinating with industrial partners on research and development to improve robustness and usability of Internet and other network technologies.

X9 D14 Working Group, Quality Management Standard for Automated Trading, 2012 to Present

Working Group Chair. Leader of document drafting process and serving as liaison to ISO for a management system standard for the automated trading industry. Based on ISO 9000, this standard will define best practices for developers and operators of automated and high frequency trading systems.

Olenick & Associates, Chicago, 2012 to 2013.

Director of Innovation. Ideated and launched marketing for an IT testing service firm. Created twenty entirely new service offerings. Established alliances with startup and market leading ISVs.

mVerify Corporation, Chicago. 2001 to 2009.

CEO. Founded a software startup to bring a unique solution for end-to-end mobile app testing to market. Pitched over 100 venture capital firms; raised over $3 million from agencies and angel investors. Negotiated shrewdly for all sales, development, and investment contracts. Identified and cultivated relations with key channel partners and suppliers. Sourced, established compensation models, and managed all technical, marketing, and operational staff. Defined and evolved product architecture and then followed through leading all design, programming, and testing. Recruited corporate board, chaired meetings, and prepared quarterly reports. Managed counsel for all IP and employment matters.

RBSC Corporation, Chicago.  1990 to 2001.

PRESIDENT. Sold, planned, and headed hundreds of international software engineering service engagements focused on the synergy of tools, methodologies, and process. Composed 65-days of instructor-led seminars. Oversaw a remote team of globally dispersed instructors to deliver training to thousands of developers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Established an automated testing practice that yielded a 10-year run of assurance solutions for “failure is not an option” clients in aerospace, financial markets, and medical devices.

Earlier assignments include Application Programmer, Account Manager and Project Manager. Honed ability to develop systems for a wide range of applications, using cost effective software engineering techniques for high quality. Worked extensively with proposal planning, job estimation, and sales. Achieved a blemish-free track record for on-time, in-budget completion of complex multi-year software projects with fixed-price contracts.


Conference Co-Chair: 2016 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing (ICST), 2004 IEEE International Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering (ISSRE)

Conference Keynoter and Presenter: WOPR-20, MBTUC, CREST, ISSTA, Juniper Ignite, ISSRE, AMOST, ETAPS, Google TAC, Chicago SPIN, TestComm, Software-QS-Tag, QuoMBaT, STAR, Quality Week, ROOTS, TOOLS, CQAA, PNSQC

Signatory: Software Engineering and Method and Theory group

Senior Member: IEEE

Certified Software Development Professional: IEEE CSDP

Lead Judge: IEEExtreme Programming Competition

Editorial Board: Journal of Software Testing, Verification, and Review

Technical Advisory Board: Agitar Software

Working Group Member: IEEE 1633, Recommended Practice on Software Reliability

Program Committee Member: 2011 MBT User Conference, ICST ‘08, AMOST ‘06 to ’11, and OOPSLA ‘01

Industry Track Co-Chair: ICST ‘09

Founder and 5-term President: Structured Techniques Association


US Patent 7,339,891: Method and System for Evaluating Wireless Applications.

US Patent Pending: System and Method For Distributed Certification Testing.



Testing Object-Oriented Systems: Models, Patterns, and Tools. Addison-Wesley, 1999. Recognized as a definitive reference, this 1,024 page book has sold over 10,600 copies, been translated to Polish and Chinese, and was recently re-released in paperback. It is the first and only book about test design patterns and patterns for test oracles. It provides a practical yet complete explanation of state-based testing. Examples in Java, C++, Ada 95, Objective-C, Eiffel, and Smalltalk. Recommended study reference for the IEEE CSDP (Certified Software Development Professional) exam. Textbook for dozens of university courses.

Application Debugging. Prentice-Hall, 1985. Recognized as a definitive reference for IBM mainframe programmers. Shows how to analyze runtime errors for programs written in Cobol, Assembly, PL/I, and Fortran. Featured selection of the Library of Computer and Information Sciences Book Club.


 Fifty-eight articles in leading professional and refereed journals, cited over 2,100 times. Selected titles:

Open Source Projects


Designed, programmed, and tested many production systems for a wide range of application domains and technology stacks.

Methodologies: Model-driven development, UML 2.0, Hatley-Pirbhai, Structured Analysis/Design, Data Modeling, N-squared charts, others.

Languages: C#, Java, C++, Tcl, Prolog, Objective-C, Cobol, TAL, Fortran, PL/I, various assembly; HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML. CORBA IDL, Microsoft IDL.

Databases: SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres, IMS.

Tools: Visual Studio, Bugzilla, Trac, Source Depot, Subversion, GSOAP, RoboDoc, CPPunit, Junit, ActiveState Tcl. Netmon, Wireshark. SilkTest, QTP, Quality Center, Expect, Spec Explorer, Visual Studio Team System/Test Edition; others. WordPress, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Sharepoint.

Operating Systems: All Windows clients, Windows Server 2K, 2K8; Windows Mobile/CE, Linux (Red Hat, Debian, Cent OS), BSD, Solaris, NeXT, OS/400, IRIX, Guardian, RTOS, MVS.

Networks: Cloud: REST, JSON, SOAP, XML. Microsoft protocols: DCOM, Remote Desktop, Distributed Authorization, etc.; RFC protocols: HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, DHCP, BEEP, SIP, TCP/IP, etc.; W3C protocols: SOAP, WSDL, XML, etc.; IEEE Protocols: WiFi, WiMax, Firewire, etc.

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