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Who Spun the Web?

July 27, 2012  |  Blog, Business, Networking, Software Products  |  8 Comments

The confluence of many technology streams made today’s Internet. It is now so ingrained in daily life that it is hard to grasp what an immense project it has been.

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VCs Say the Darndest Things

August 2, 2011  |  Blog, Business, Software Products  |  3 Comments
Exit sign Sand Hill Road

 As the fundraiser for startup mVerify, I contacted over a hundred venture capital (VC)investors and then had serious discussions with several dozen. Although I came close to getting a terms sheet a few times, all the discussions ended in a brief email or call saying “pass” or “pass, let’s stay in…

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How a Big Ball of Mud becomes a Black Hole: Why Software Architecture and Process Matters

July 11, 2011  |  Blog, Business, Process, Software Products  |  No Comments
Cosmic matter spiraling into a black hole

Once upon a time, I had a Software 25 company with a struggling division as a client. They were selling and supporting an integrated enterprise system brought in by acquisition. This product, at version 7.0, was dominant in its market. But, with apologies to Gresham, bad software was driving out…

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