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Business and Technology. Technology and Business. These horses have pulled my chariots to many places.

I’ve blended serial entrepreneurship and state-of-the-art software development throughout my career.

I see opportunities and solutions, envision solutions, and then deliver high value systems.  more … 

Let’s build the next big thing.

  • yervan-600

  • he Chariot Race, c. 1882. Alexander von Wagner 1838-1919. Oil on canvas, Manchester Art Gallery.

  • Chariot of Apollo, fountain at Versailles

  • Quadriga from the frieze on the Vase of Vix

  • Justitia, Roman goddess of justice riding a chariot.

  • Chariot Hero’s Square Monument, Budapest, Hungary

  • Garamantian Horse Chariot depicted in Rock Art at Tin Annenouin, Tadrart Acacus, Libya, Sahara.

  • Greek frieze, hitching horses to a chariot

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